sikinisme: keputusan contest raya terbaikku

keputusan contest raya terbaikku


hello readers! okey it will be a short post because i just want to announce the winners for the contest raya terbaikku. the winners are selected based on their story and whether it is attractive or not. which is including the pictures and the way you express your story. millions of thanks to all the participants. And the winners has been chose by two of my friends and me are:

sis nida


cute mommy

for the winners please send me your full name,address and phone number to my email address at

the mysterious gift is it just a perfume by silky girl and shawl

thanks again for participating this contest and so sorry if the gift is not like what you think. :)


Nida said...

Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari Allah. Terima kasih tidak terhingga buat Cikin... rasa seronok sesangat ni.. :)

Kak Nida dah sent details (

Ini entri penghargaan dari akak:


fiQ'Ra said...

alhmdulillah~ tq dear.. t sy sendkn detail ;)

♥CuteMummy ♥ said...


tq dear.. t sy sendkn detail ;)

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