sikinisme: farewell and one step forward

farewell and one step forward


alhamdulillah bulan 8 sudah hampir ke penghujungnya.esok adalah hari terakhir aku bekerja di Nice Taste Cake House. seriously it's bring a lots of memory. :))

but before that,thanks to my friends sebab wish my birthday :) really appreciate it. gumawo!dan special thanks to my workmate Shi Hui dan Yi Zhen for the surprised.they give me american choc!one of my favorite cake. ^_^ sangat2 suka

and hari Isnin lepas one of my workmate Mei berhenti sebab dia pun nak further study di UUM. take care Mei :)) dan di sebabkan itu,again my co-worker Yi Zhen,Shi Hui and akak made some present to us. :)) sangat sweet kan dorang tu?  Ya Allah serious sangat bertuah to have them sbg kawan.

so now lets enjoy the photo that we "snap2" :))

 me,yi zhen,mei and kak Yana :))

 kak yana,Shi Hui,Mei and me :))

dan ini hadiah dari mereka :)) gambar tu waktu they celebrated my birthday.  siap ada note lagi. dear my workmate,korang sangat baik,sangat memahami,sangat giler,sangat sporting. terima kasih for being part of me and made my life "bling2" for almost 5 Month. saranghaeyo :))

and for me,myself and i. i wish i could be maturer than before. :)) happier and tougher. may my dreams will come true and may Allah will bless me in everything i do. owh of course to be succeed!! yeah ^_^


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