sikinisme: week 14 - our last week

week 14 - our last week

Saturday,25 February 2012

we had picnic together. even though not all of our members joint it,but we still have fun. :) never mind insyaAllah one day kita semua dapat gathering sama-sama just like our iftar semester lepas. :)

27 February 2012

presentation for ENT.alhamdulillah. it went smoothly.

29 February 2012

our last class with sir Khodri.

yes we ended our last week with snap lots of picture. walaupun sebenarnya minggu 14 adalah the busiest week. cause we had
picnic - presentation ENT - quiz selling - test OM - test selling
submit assignment OM + selling +ENT + investment. .

BUT we still did it

even though maybe ada yang berfikir "kenapa nak tangkap gambar?" "perlu ke tangkap gambar?" or "malas lah tak penting pun". aku tau ada yang berfikir macam tu, tapi i don't care. cause this is our last moment to be together like this. at least bila aku balik Selangor nanti i bring together all those memories sepanjang aku di sini. at least in future i'll remember they were my family at UITM Kelantan.

but still millions of thanks guys!

i wish BEST of LUCK to all of YOU! please DO your VERY best for this FINAL semester :)


bie_strong said...

gudluck for u too ckin..
may Allah bless u in every single thing u do..:)

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