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i am specky. yes i start wearing spectacles since standard 6 lagi. and will be "blind" if i am not wearing my spec. so part 1 and 2 tu i was wearing contact lens. owh yes,sometimes i will use lens but depends on weather. and my power for lens is 2.00 for left and right. tapi sekarang dah naik kut :(

i love to wearing that baju yang tutup my drumstick or at least my b****t + long sleeves + jeans + shawl. that's me. cuma dulu tak kisah pun kalau keluar tak pakai lengan panjang. takut orang cakap kita alim. what the heck kan?

currently sangat worried dengan berat badan. i lost my appetite sangat sampai selalu kena gastric. serious risau sebab dah tak boleh melantak durian, kedondong dan all those masam dan pedas. masa part 1 my weight was 44 kg, part 2 was 52 kg, part 3 was 48 kg, part 4 was 47 kut and now 43 kg. i wish i could make it at least 45. please wish for me okey?

p/s : sorry mempromote diri pulak malam ni,i just too bored. :(

good night readers. assalamualaikum:)


bie_strong said...

me maintain for 42-43 every sem..haha
thanks ade gak gambar saye..

noorul aisikin said...

eh yke?but u look tembam lah mse part 1 :p

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