sikinisme: day 2 - 15 facts about me

day 2 - 15 facts about me


haiahaihai guys.. hari ni nak citer pasal 15 fakta tentang aku. bukan auta k? =)

1. i am lefthanded

2. i am green lover so much.

3. i am seafood lover very damn much! and also tempe and all those yang berkaitan dengan soya. tapi it is really difficult to find tempe here. even i went to econjaya pun i can't find tempe. sadis betul.

4. i am not talkative tapi aktif membebel.. aku rasa it is one of the theraphy bila aku stress.

5. i really a stubborn punya orang tapi sangat sensitif. *____*

6. i love someone i hate the most.

7. i love to feel free. which mean aku tak suka disekat atau terikat. selagi aku rasa aku tak buat benda yang salah,so please do not interupt. - what a selfish person right? -

8. it really difficult to see me smile. and sometimes korang akan ingat i am in a bad mood. sebenarnya tak pun. - unpredictable -

9. i am a person who cannot pegang sudu with my right handed. even kadang-kadang rasa malu with that. - so childish -

10. i am a very/super clumsy girl. =)

11. i love pearl more than gold "_____"

12-15 ?
hahahahaha..malas nak buat... ngeeeee :P

okey sampai sini saje :)
anyway sorry for the rojak english!


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