sikinisme: past bring the present

past bring the present

after more than 2 years, i met someone.

but after all, seriously i owed him a lot. he teach me to be tougher like today and of course to be more independent. see! everything have a reason. segala yg dah berlaku adalah pengajaran yg terbaik untuk hidup. so siapa kita untuk salah kan sesiapa.. setiap masa silam ada ceritanya.. and sekarang i wanna be more independent.

talk about independent, during the semester holiday masa tu, i met his girlfriend  :) i love to meet her. seriously. when i look at her, i think i am so,super still manja rather than her. sebab tu i think i am not really independent yet. and honest, i am happy for him to get her.. she's really a good person.

150 days

do we couple?

i am not sure. seriously.
but for sure we are walking to the same path.
may Allah ease everything.

dia, Fiqry Aizat Bin Zulkifli..
a.k.a gemok or pendek :p
bila start rapat dengan dia, i am realize that kebanyakan lelaki yg rapat dengan aku start from F.
start from my bestie during school till now. its really a bless for me i think. 
for me his really cold hearted person. selalu gadoh for small things. yg akan buat orang lain gelak or rasa pelik. seriously.
dia busy, hardworking and know what his doing. i think i fall to him whenever look his presentation or listen to his story or talk.
and of course his patience. seriously.. itu yg selalu buat aku rasa bersalah everytime aku buat hal. sorry for that. i am really try my best untuk buang perangai tu and even perangai tak hormat dia kekadang.
yes, sometimes dia busy..lagi-lagi bila  dia dekat rumah. tapi always keep on my mind its his responsibility. siapa kita nak pertikaikan apa yg dia buat kan? perangai yg suka keluar dengan kawan sg dia everytime weekend. but one day i want to joint them play paintball. seriously. 

we just new.
terlalu banyak lagi yg kami tak tau and  masih jauh lagi perjalanan kami. 
yang aku harap cuma kemudahan dari Allah.

untuk kamu pendek, please stay. 
please stay and i will try to reduce my ego level from time to time.

till we meet again



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